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Closing Conference EMR H2 Booster

We are thrilled to invite the project partners and guests to the Closing Conference of the EMR H2 Booster project on Tuesday the 23rd of May to be held in Thor Central in Genk, Belgium.


09:00 Arrival and coffee
09:30 Welcome and opening (Davine Janssen, WaterstofNet – Project Manager EMR H2 Booster)
09:50 Findings from the hydrogen mapping of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (Sophia Koch, Stadt Aachen)
10:10 Presentation of the concrete hydrogen initiatives that were boosted (Jan-Willem Tolkamp, LIOF)
10:30 Coffee break + signing opportunity of the Francorchamps Hydrogen Initiative
10:50 Looking back on the EMR Booster events (Michaël Vannes, POM Limburg)
11:10 Looking forward through the EMR Hydrogen Roadmap (Raphaël Schoentgen, Hydrogen Advisors) and the continued online booster (Valère Counet, Cluster TWEED)
11:30 Presentation Interreg EMR (Rob van Vugt, Interreg Eurregio Meuse-Rhine)
11:40 Future opportunities (Frederik Loy, Interreg Eurregio Meuse-Rhine)
11:50 How to go from H2 Booster to demonstrations (Adwin Martens, WaterstofNet) & closure Davine Janssen
12:10 Consortium picture moment
12:45 Reception and lunch